Raudive Diode EVP Receiver and Microphone

Raudive Diode EVP Receiver and Microphone

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Raudive Diode EVP Receiver and Microphone
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A Brand New version of our popular Raudive EVP Receiver now incorporating a switched microphone to allow you to record your voice, calling out to the spirits, along with the output from the diode receiver.

Simply connect to the microphone jack of a digital recorder or PC. Works with all digital recorders having Plug-in-Power equipped microphone sockets (including all Sony devices) along with most laptops and PCs.

Carry out your own paranormal EVP experiments with this 'Raudive Diode' Receiver.

Konstantin Raudive (Pronounced Row-dee-vay) was a Latvian psychologist and parapsychologist who studied under Carl Yung. In the '60s he carried-out many EVP experiments and devised a method where the microphone was replaced with a germanium diode device, essentially a de-tuned 'crystal set', generating 'white noise'. This has become known as a 'Raudive Diode'. Raudive made recordings using a 'Raudive Diode' receiver connected to the microphone socket of a tape recorder. During the recording session he asked questions, encouraging the dead to communicate with him. On playing back the tape, voices were heard on the recording. These became known as 'Raudive Voices'. His work was published in his 1971 book 'Breakthrough'. Raudive died in 1974.

This device re-creates two authentic Raudive Diode circuits and a microphone in one unit that you can record using any stereo recording device with a microphone socket. Unique dual circuitry gives you two different receivers in one unit. The microphone allows you to record a separate audio track to document any questions you may be asking of the spirits along with any audible responses. Simply connects to a microphone jack on a PC or tape recorder. There are two receivers, one connected to each channel and a microphone that is switched on when a 'push-to-talk' switch is pressed. The microphone is turned off when the switch is released. This allows you to record yourself calling out to the spirits and make notes for your reference. Release the button to listen for EVP responses, un-affected by any audio in the room.

Adaptor supplied for connecting to a mono microphone jack (mixes both signals together).

On a PC you can use software such as 'Audacity' to capture and analyse any audio you hear.

Supplied with instructions.

Brand New item manufactured by ourselves - only available here!

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